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Exit Survey

Please participate in Delphi survey on internship of the PSC fellowship program “Bridging Plant Science & Policy”

Dear participant,

Since 2010 the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC)1 is offering PhD fellowships at the interface between plant science and policy. The fellowship program combines PhD research in the most challenging areas of plant sciences with 6-month internships in a policy-implementing organization that is interested in the results of the research. Tandem-supervised by PSC scientists and representatives of these organizations, the students search for ways to synthesize work or implement their results in policy processes.

In recent years, you have been involved in program activities as fellow, supervisor, partner, lecturer or as invited expert in events of the program. We are pleased to invite you to participate in our Delphi survey2 on the evaluation of the internship program in terms of the PhD fellowship program Bridging Plant Science & Policy3.

The aim of the survey is to evaluate main criteria important for the success of this or similar programs. In order to explore benefits, barriers and recommendations, we have prepared a questionnaire containing 7 questions.

Please read the questions carefully. The survey mainly consists of multiple-choice questions. All answers will remain anonymous. The results will be used for academic purposes only; all answers will remain anonymous. Answering the survey takes around 10-12 minutes. We have collected statements from the individual Fellows’ reports (Round 1). Now in Round 2 we ask you to evaluate these statements describing the quality, benefits and barriers, as well as statements on possible improvements of such an internship program as part of a Delphi study (Round 2). In the Round 3 we will ask you to prioritize the most agreed statements for their importance. We would appreciate your participation again in this round of this Delphi study. We will send the last questionnaire in the first week of June 2017. The results will be presented in a peer-reviewed scientific publication.

We are grateful for your support and your time to fill in the survey by June 5, 2017. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: psc_phdprogram@ethz.ch.

Thank you for participation in the survey!

Kind regards,

Melanie Paschke and Luisa Last on behalf of the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

1  www.plantsciences.uzh.ch

2 The Delphi study is a quantitative method for consensus-building. With the help of questionnaires opinions from different groups of experts are sampled. After each round the responses are summarised and redistributed for discussion in the next round. We have decided for a Delphi to overcome our small evaluation and monitoring data base from direct program participants. This method is used for compiling views from geographically dispersed experts engaged in the science-policy interface.

3 Funded between 2010 to 2017 by the Swiss National foundation, the Mercator foundation Switzerland and the European Commission.